InCap Group is a financial services firm engaged in investment banking.  Most of our work is for asset management firms, wealth management firms, mutual fund companies, FinTech companies, securities brokers, hybrid broker-dealers/investment advisors and bank trust departments (collectively referred to as “Investment Businesses”).  We provide Merger and Acquisition (“M&A”) advice, capital raising services, valuations and fairness and/or fiduciary opinions for companies in the aforementioned sectors.  Much of our business is for medium-sized and smaller businesses -- generally those with $5.0 billion or less in client assets and that generally have between 10 and 100 employees.  InCap Group is one of a handful of investment banking firms in the United States that specializes in Investment Businesses of that size.  InCap Group is on the select list of M&A and Valuation firms recommended by the three largest Investment Business custodians in the United States:  Schwab Advisor Services, Pershing LLC and Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services.  We also have a long-time relationship with Ashland Partners, one of the leading providers of GIPS services.