We provide transactional advice to buyers and sellers of asset management businesses.  Our services range from a full-scale assignment to providing advice on specific elements of the transaction.  For a full-scale assignment, we identify potential partners for a transaction, we assist in discussions between parties, we provide assistance with due diligence and we assist in executing and closing the transaction.  In a narrower-scale assignment, we are hired to assist on one or more specific steps in the transaction.
We advise on the identification of potential partners for a transaction and on the structure and execution of the transaction.  We also provide advice on appropriate sources of capital for the transaction if outside financing is required.
Our work on each transaction is customized to our client’s goals and objectives.  We work under the terms of an engagement letter with defined expectations regarding what the objectives of the assignment are and ensuring confidentiality for our clients.  Transactions are generally centered in the U.S.
Our Sell-Side Assignments most often are for independent firms that are considering a sale to a large, diversified competitor or to a diversified financial services company.  We also represent larger companies seeking to sell or divest a portion of one or more of their businesses.
Our Buy-Side Assignments generally come from large financial services companies looking to diversify their product offering or increase their scale.  In addition, a number of private equity firms have developed an interest in the financial services sector.  We work with a number of private equity firms that acquire asset management firms.  We also work with independent firms that are looking to grow by acquisition or merger.