InCap Group provides valuations to financial services firms, including asset managers, wealth managers, mutual fund sponsors, FinTech companies, securities brokers, hybrid broker-dealers/investment advisors and bank trust departments.  We have many years of experience in valuing these businesses.  We bring real world experience – both management and operational – to bear in valuing a business.  We have experience with valuing individual books of business, privately-held companies, and minority stakes in publicly-traded businesses.  We look at a wide array of quantitative and qualitative factors in determining the value of a business.  We seek never to lose track of the ultimate question in this context: At what price would a ready, willing and able buyer and a ready, willing and able seller be willing to transfer cash and/or other appropriate consideration in exchange for the business or an equity stake in the business. We generally use a combination of comparable company, comparative transaction and discounted cash flow models to determine the valuation.  Our valuations have enabled our clients – company owners, investors and others – to put a dollar figure on what a business is actually worth, to understand where the business fits within the industry landscape, and to make faster and more efficient decisions with regards to buying, selling, or merging.  Moreover, our company valuations have helped in matters of tax/estate planning as well as for litigation support.